Giga Challenge

Giga Dragon Ramen

Are you brave enough to slay the Giga Dragon? It’s the biggest ramen challenge in Vancouver.

Giga Dragon = 5 x regular size ramen


Giga Dragon Challenge Rules

Challengers must:

  • Consent to have their photo posted on Ramen Taka’s social media and/or website
  • Finish a bowl of Giga Dragon ramen (including every drop of broth) within 30 minutes
  • Choose one of the following types of ramen:
    Dragon’s Dewdrop (shoyu)
    White Dragon (shio)
    Supreme Dragon (miso)
  • Not take a bathroom break during the challenge

Please Note:

  • Giga Dragon is free if the challenge is successfully completed, but Ramen Taka reserves the right to charge the cost equivalent of 4 bowls of ramen if the Giga Dragon Challenge is not successfully completed within 30 minutes
  • A successful challenger can’t repeat the challenge
  • Those who fail to complete the Giga Dragon Challenge receive four stamps and are welcome to make another attempt
  • Ramen Taka is not responsible for the challenger’s health and associated risk from consuming a large quantity of food and calories over a short period of time and thereafter
  • Great news brave Giga Dragon Challenge warriors! More Giga bowls have arrived from Japan, so we can now accommodate up to four challengers at a time. Why don’t you turn this challenge into a special event with your friends, colleagues or family members?
  • Advanced reservation is NO longer needed for the challenge. The only thing you have to do is to show up at Ramen Taka with a fierce attitude! (Suit of armour optional.)

Spectators are welcome.
Good Luck!

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